Types of Medicine

Today we will be discussing the types of medicines that are available. I hope that you are in a pink of health and I really do hope that you find these pieces of information to be helpful to you in any way possible. Without any further ado, let’s get into the types of medicine together one by one!

Types of Medicine

  1. Liquid

The part which is active or the central part of the medicine is mixed with a type of liquid to make it easier for the process of rapid absorption to occur. There are other names given for this kind of medication such as mixture, solution or the most popular one is syrup. There is a lot of liquid which is being offered without any kind of added sugar or coloring.

  1. Tablet

The active element of these types of medicine is mixed together with another type of substance and is then compressed into an oval or circular solid shape. There are a lot of different types of tablets that can now be found in your local clinic or pharmacy. There are tablets which can be dissolved in water and then be consumed such tablet is known as dispersible or soluble tablets.

  1. Capsules

The active element of the medicine is trapped inside a shell that is made up of plastic which can be dissolved slowly in your stomach. Depending on which capsule you have, some capsules can be cut into two and then be mixed with your favorite food. However, there are also some capsules that need to be consumed in one and cannot be cut into smaller parts and the plastic shell of the capsules will then need to be dissolved by the acid in the stomach to allow for the process of absorption.

  1. Topical or For External Use medicine

These types of medicine are the medicine that you usually use to apply for direct contact on your skin. Examples of these of medicine are creams, lotions or traditional ointments that you usually use to treat an external injury.

  1. Suppositories

The active elements of this medicine are mixed with another substance and are then compacted into the rectum. Suppositories are not actually meant to be swallowed at any cost.

  1. types of medicineDrops

Drops are usually the kinds of medicine that can be used effectively if it can be directly applied to the infected area. Usually, they are used for eye, ear and nose infection.