how do teeth whitening strips work

Teeth whitening is a day-to-day widespread dental procedure aimed at achieving brighter teeth as well as instilling a better sense of confidence when one smiles. There exists no single individual who wishes to have his or her teeth turn cream, yellow or even brown. However, in the process of looking for such dental services, many people tend to question the best procedures, safety, prices as well as efficiency. One of the most efficient is the teeth-whitening strip. Additionally, they are also more straightforward to use and even go unnoticed once worn. But when we say teeth whitening strips – are they effective? Taking a closer look into how it works will help one get a better idea of it’s efficacy.

How do teeth whitening strips work?

The teeth whitening strips work under the bleaching formula. In this case, one of the sides of the strip is coated in a thin layer of the bleaching agent, the hydrogen peroxide. The patronage of the teeth is removed and the strip applied to the teeth. On the other hand, the alignment of the top of the piece is done on the bottom of the gum while the bottom part is aligned across the back of the teeth.
This method achieves best results through two in one process: bleaching or oxidization.

how do teeth whitening strips work

The bleaching method involve the scrapping off stains by oxidizing the tooth enamel. The hydrogen peroxide coated in the strips reacts with moisture in the mouth and oxidizes; thereby getting access to the enamel where the stains settle.However, the oxidizing agent, in this case, the hydrogen peroxide is weak compared to the agents used in the other whitening methods. Therefore, it’s only efficient in removal under limited scopes. For this reason, it becomes easier for the teeth to become deoxidized and go back to discoloration.

One need to alter their lifestyles to avoid stains brought about by drinking, smoking, or even eating to achieve more positive results, Despite its limitation, as aforementioned, strips are efficient in that, they are easy to use. Also they are convenient in that they are highly invisible in the mouth and one will go unnoticeable that they are under teeth whitening. For more information, you can check out this post about the best teeth whitening kits available today and see their advantages and disadvantages.