toothache gel

No one is exempted from toothache. No matter how careful you are, pain may still present itself as a dull or shooting pain, or even as sensitive teeth. Most of us would rely on tried-and-tested home medications, but for some, a toothache gel is what they turn to during this dental situation. But what is more effective? For more information, you can also go and visit the Mornington-based clinic in Barkly Street Dental.

Ways you can fight off a toothache

Clove oil. This has been used over many centuries to fight off toothache and inflammation. This oil contains a chemical called eugenol which acts as a natural antiseptic. You can either use it by dabbing the oil in a cotton bud with olive oil just to dilute the concoction, or you may add a few drops of the concentrated solution to a glass of water and use as a mouth rinse.

Warm saltwater. The warm temperature of the liquid soothes the gums and saltwater magnets the fluids and reduces the swelling of the gums to reduce the pain.

Garlic. This herb has natural antibacterial properties called allicin. You can directly apply a crushed or minced garlic paste on the gums to help eliminate a bacteria-causing infection.

Guava leaves. This fruit may not be easily available in parts of the world, but in Asia, this is considered as a medicinal plant. You can eat the fruit, boil the leaves, and use it to treat skin irritation and wounds. For toothache, you can use the leaves to ways-chew it or boil and use it as a mouthwash.

toothache gelMedication. When all else fails, the one product that most people turn to is a toothache gel. It contains anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce pain. Orajel fast-acting gel is a popular example. People who have allergies to different drugs also try and take over-the-counter oral medication like ibuprofen or paracetamol.

All these products can help in alleviating tooth pain, so it is best to use what really works for you. But more importantly, make it a habit to consult your dentist even without a dental complaint so he can monitor your overall dental health.