best over the counter mouth guards for teeth grinding

While there would be no exact cure for bruxism, mouthguards would be a good option to try if you are trying to overcome teeth grinding. This article will talk about the best over the counter mouth guards for teeth grinding. Please check this link for more information on online mouth guards.


What is bruxism?

Bruxism is a tooth-grinding disorder that can affect the teeth and gums. The teeth grinding would often happen at night as the person sleeps. This disorder can damage teeth and gums in the long run.


Mouthguards for bruxism

There would be many mouthguards that would be available over-the-counter and here are the ones that have been most reported to be effective against teeth grinding.


Pro teeth guard. One of the hassles about getting a fitted mouthguard would be the inconvenience of having to customize the mouthguard. The Pro Teeth Guard has a much easier way of fitting the mouthguard. They would include a kit so that the patient can fit the mouthguard themselves and then send it to the dental lab of the company and expect it back a few days later. It would be fully customized and ready for use once it arrives. The kit would also be available over-the-counter, so there would be no need for a prescription.

best over the counter mouth guards for teeth grinding

Dental Duty Professional Dental Guard. This mouthguard would be a boil-and-bite model that would allow for easy customization. It would be convenient because you can be able to use the mouthguard right away. On top of the convenience, it would also have the feature of being able to whiten teeth during use. It can also be used as a mouthguard for sports, so it would be able to serve many purposes.


DentalCare Labs Teeth Grinding Mouthguard. This brand would also be a boil-and-bite type of mouthguard that would come in a carrying case that is convenient for people who are on the go and who travel a lot. It would also be available over-the-counter and would also have the ability to whiten teeth while in use. 


Teeth Armor Custom Teeth Nightguard. One of the best things about this brand would be that it is highly customizable. Many mouthguards would not be able to be used if the position of teeth would suddenly shift. This brand would be able to be fitted over and over again, as needed. This would save the person using the mouthguard a significant amount of money in the long run. 


If you are suffering from the teeth-grinding disorder of bruxism, buying a mouthguard to protect your teeth would be a good investment. Teeth grinding can cause extreme tooth pain and damage to teeth if it goes untreated. This will take its toll on your overall oral health if you do not have it checked by your dentist.

These are the best over the counter mouth guards for teeth grinding that have been recommended by other users because of their effectiveness and ease of use. However, there would be many other mouthguards that might be better for you. It would be a good idea to talk to your dentist about your individual needs before buying any mouthguard to make sure that you can make the right decision.