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The upsurge in the desire for plastic surgery makes it a thriving business. Countries all over the world are clamoring to gain a foothold into this new and exciting business sector. The business of medical tourism is booming, and Thailand has taken a large piece of the pie. So large in fact that it has become one of the premier medical tourism destinations, with Thailand plastic surgery services being number one in demand. But how will Thailand compare to Australian plastic surgery? Let’s talk about the benefits, procedures, and cost of plastic surgery  between the two prominent countries. Let us also get to know the cost of a nose surgery in Melbourne and other cities within Australia and Thailand.

Australia or Thailand plastic surgery : The cost comparison

Numerous Australians are leaving their home in search of cheaper, more affordable plastic surgery procedures in Thailand. Thailand offers premier services at affordable prices. They are able to do this all while using the same or better technology than that of Australia. Therefore there is no need for clients to be afraid to get their much needed procedures done there instead of their home country.

Why is Thailand plastic surgery cheaper?

thailand plastic surgery procedure

The reason why Thailand’s plastic surgery is cheaper is due to the low wages of doctors and nurses. With this lower cost in salaries, the cost of plastic surgery is vastly reduced. In Australia, doctors are paid an estimated $150,000 a year as compared to $50,000 a year paid to Thai doctors. The vast discrepancy also applies to nurses, when compared to Australian nurses, Thai nurses receive four times less per year in salary than their Australian counterparts.


These factors significantly reduce the price a client pays for the same surgery at home. It’s lower even when travel arrangements and hotel accommodations are added. This combined with the state of the art hospitals which look more like hotels due to comprehensive branding and marketing by Thailand, people are flocking there to have various types of plastic surgery done. Even with the rise of medical negligence and other negative controversies surrounding Thailand plastic surgery, many still believe and trust the country’s performance in improving one’s beauty.

The actual cost of Thailand’s plastic surgery procedures is staggeringly lower than that of Australia for the same procedures. In many instances, the cost is less than half! Take for instance the average cost of breasts implants in Australia. The price ranges from $8,000 – $12,000 as compared to $3,000 – $4,000 in Thailand. Here you can clearly see the disparity in prices. This disparity is representative across all the various types of plastic surgery. Thailand’s plastic surgery is significantly cheaper than Australia across the board. This combined with the added bonus of having a short exotic vacation is enough to create the great demand which exists today.