pre surgery anxiety medication

If you or a loved one is close to going into surgery, it is of course completely normal to feel anxious. You are only human after all. Thankfully there are a number of pre surgery anxiety medications you can take, which can be used in conjunction with non-medical techniques such as breathing control and meditation. If you want to know more, you can message the team at to ask about surgery pharmaceuticals.

Where patients are anxious prior to their surgeries, by far the most common medication given to patients are sedatives. Sedatives are a type (or class) of medications which induce feelings of relaxation and often sleepiness. They help to calm patients so they no longer feel anxious about their surgeries.

anxiety medicationThe most common class of sedatives used pre-surgery is Benzodiazepines. They can enable patients to feel calm about their immediate surgeries and help to make the experience less traumatic. These can be administered a number of hours, and up to days, before surgery, especially if the patient is particularly anxious.

In addition to sedatives, another commonly used type of medication for pre-surgery anxiety is melatonin. Yes, that which is supposed to help cure jet lag also apparently has some ability to control pre-surgery anxiety. This is thought to be because anxious patients very often have difficulty sleeping in the days leading up to their surgeries, and melatonin is supposed to help regulate the sleep-wake cycle.

In addition to medical treatments, it’s often worth trying to supplement with some non-medical interventions. Practicing meditation and breathing exercises is often helpful. Talk to your doctor to address any fears you have and so that you can go into your surgery with a plan to address your anxiety. As always, your medical professional will be best placed to help you deal with any pre-surgery anxiety. So speak to your doctor about what solution may be right for you!