nose strips for snoring

Snoring can be a burdensome experience, not only for you but for others who sleep in the same room with you as well. Fortunately, effective nose strips for snoring have been manufactured by various companies to allay this common but detrimental health problem. The question is – how can these products actually help improve airway during your sleep?

Nose strips might ease snoring, provided that they are used properly and the manufacturer has guaranteed the best efficacy of the product. Ideally, these products work by opening one’s nasal passage that improves airflow in the nose.

The Basics of Nose Strips

Nose strips for snoring usually come in two types – one opens the nostrils from the outside and the other type from the inside. Basically, this product functions by pulling the nostrils and the nose’s sides wide open. Through this approach, breathing can be done with much ease and snoring can be minimised.

Nose Strips – Are They Really Effective?

There was once a study where as much as 30 snorers were placed in an experiment, wherein they would be using an external nose strip. After the implementation, as much as 73% of the snorers experienced improvement in sleep and snoring has been suppressed. Nevertheless, it has also been considered that nose strips may only minimise snoring if the snorer does not have any other sleep conditions such as sleep apnea.

There have also been studies that suggest snoring to be relieved even if the person is suffering from sleep apnea. However, always remember that this condition is not meant to be cured by nose strips.

nose strips for snoringSide Effects

Just like a medication, using a nose strip may also trigger side effects. First, there is a possibility of skin reaction. Cases where skin injury occurred once these strip have been removed have also been reported.

More than half of the users claimed that nose strips can alleviate snoring. However, always remember that it’s not a treatment for sleep apnea. A lot of users give false claims that their sleep apnea has been treated with the use of these nose strips where in fact, it’s not manufactured that way.

Are there any other alternatives of nose strips?

Though nose strips have been proven effective to most users, some are still looking for alternatives. If you’re one of these individuals, you may want to opt for the internal nasal dilator. It’s a kind of plug that you insert inside your nostrils while you’re sleeping.

Internal nasal dilator may not be that effective to obese people though. There was a study that involves 15 snorers. Most of these snorers suffer from obesity and unfortunately, only a minimal improvement was seen. It’s highly possible that their condition has disrupted the effectiveness of the device.

What to do if snoring persists?

Other alternatives to consider if snoring persists include:

  • Saline rinses
  • Nasal saline spray
  • Nasal steroid spray
  • Proper sleeping therapy
  • Ear, nose and throat surgery (last resort)

Nose strips have been commonly used today by those who snore a lot. If you’re sharing the same problem, you might want to consider using this device.