Mini Tooth Implant

What is a mini tooth implant?

A mini tooth implant is a procedure which is done by a dentist in order to replace a missing tooth or teeth. You can have multiple dental implants placed or a single dental implant in Sydney at a very reasonable cost. Normally a titanium, ceramic or zirconia post is used which is screwed through the jaw bone so that they will act as an anchor for the prosthetic tooth. At the outer surface is an O-ring. Mini implants are normally small in size in regard to their diameter and therefore essential to small spaces between two teeth.

Mini tooth implants, as opposed to regular or traditional implants, is fast and cheaper and therefore helps save more money and time.The best part is that, they are able to persevere the pressure from hard foods and also one is able to use the tooth or teeth the same day that procedure is done.

Mini tooth implant is efficient in that you only need to visit your dentist once as opposed to traditional one but incase you need it to be undone the process is very simple as mostly it’s not necessarily permanent due to the limitation of being smaller in size and therefore may not be stable.

what is a mini tooth implant

After mini tooth implant, it’s always important to take care of the tooth just like the natural teeth. Brushing after every meal and also going for check up will help your implant to last longer and remain in good shape.Also, it’s wise to avoid hard foods inorder to avoid cases of wear and tear. Avoiding smoking and chewing khat will also help your implant last longer

In conclusion, I will recommend those people struggling on the best method to use inorder to replace their teeth to go for mini tooth implant as it is convenient, fast and cheaper than the regular one.The time that you will otherwise use to visit your dentist now and then is saved for other important stuffs. I hope this article will help anyone with less knowledge on how to go about mini tooth implant. Thank You.