Breast Augmentation Pain

Pain is the most common fear among patients planning breast enlargement surgery. A few days of hospitalization, pain, swelling, bad mood are still factors that cause many women are not ready for such a sudden change in their lives. Why is the fear of postoperative pain so paralyzing? Is there really anything to be afraid of? If you are interested and want to know more about breast augmentation, visit and have a consultation with Sydney’s top breast surgeons.

The sensation of pain depends on individual predispositions

Do not kid yourself – it hurts. However, each of us is different, so we will experience this differently. – Postoperative pain and worse mood after surgery are natural. It should be remembered that its intensity will depend both on our resistance threshold and the chosen surgical technique. For the first days, patients stay under the constant care of medical personnel and take analgesics to reduce their symptoms. In order not to lead to situations that exacerbate unpleasant feelings, the doctor’s instructions should be followed.

Do not be worried

Stop reading comments on the Internet because you are not sure if these are true confidences of patients. Do not worry about stories of exaggerated pain – the feeling of an elephant on the chest. Try not to talk with your loved ones about your fears. Perhaps they are overwhelmed by the whole situation more than you. Then instead of the expected support, you will receive a portion of further worries. You can be sure that no one will guarantee how you will feel after the operation. An in-depth analysis of all the worst scenarios is never a good idea. Instead of gaining confidence, you will become frustrated, and the approaching date of the operation will only deepen the feeling of panic.

Taming with pain

breast augmentation painDuring the consultation with your doctor, talk about your fears. This is the only person who will help and reliably prepare for situations that may happen during convalescence. Ask them to explain possible complications and what you should be ready for. Instead of scaring you will receive specific answers and tips. This knowledge will allow you to dispel unnecessary doubts and appropriate attitude to the waiting procedure. When thinking about breast enlargement, you did not think about pain first of all, so why now you focus your attention on it. Do not let fear lead such an important decision.