Best allergy medication for children

Nowadays there are numerous allergy medications which are effective when it comes to the treatment of allergy symptoms. There are some allergy medications which are prescribed while others can only be obtained over the counter. Like any other medication over the counter, products should only be taken with a clear guideline from medical staff.

Below are the best allergy medication for children:


Antihistamines have been on the market for a long period of time. It is used to curb the effects of histamine which may include swelling, itching as well as the production of mucus in the tissues. For allergic symptoms which are not severe, the doctor may recommend some of the antihistamines which can be found over the counter easily. Children who are not comfortable with swallowing of tablets may opt for other forms of medications like syrup.

Antihistamines are very useful when it comes to monitoring the itchiness which is linked with eczema. The pediatrician will advise your kid on how to take these medications whether to take them regularly or just as prescribed. Antihistamine nasal sprays are used to treat hay fever. They are applied to the nose with the intention of reducing hay fever symptoms. Most children are not comfortable with nose sprays and they opt for antihistamines which are taken orally.

best allergy medication for childrenCromolyn

Cromolyn is applicable when it comes to preventing nasal allergy symptoms. This kind of medication can be applied on a daily basis to curb the allergens or can be used in circumstances when your kid encounters allergens. This kind of medication is available as a nasal spray but it is not prescribed.


For kids suffering from hay fever, antihistamines are very crucial for curbing runny nose and other allergic symptoms such as itching. Their main drawback is that they cannot be used to curb nasal congestion. Antihistamines are often administered together with decongestants so as to cover a variety of symptoms. Sometimes they are blended as one medication.