Taking Antibiotics Without Prescription Dangers Of Self-Medication

Antibiotics changed the way the world was able to treat thousands of diseases through the course of time. With this kind of discovery, soon, many people were given the right prescription by professional doctors. Sadly, there are many people practicing the misuse of antibiotics without prescription due to many financial or unprofessional reasons. It is important to consult your doctor in taking antibiotics before wisdom tooth extraction. Certain health complications and even mutating bacteria may turn them resistant to the effects of antibiotics. Taking antibiotics without prescription may have further side-effects so the right prescription is beneficial.

How Antibiotics Work

There are many important discoveries in medicine that are able to cure diseases accordingly. The discovery of antibiotics in the 1920s made a big impact on the history of humankind. It also led to many other research work and developments in the medical industry. So how do antibiotics help a person’s well-being? Many diseases come from living organisms that spread in the body of a person by infecting cells. Through antibiotics, it treats germs and bacteria that spread diseases in a person’s body. In detail, it combats the reproduction of these live organisms. People often misuse antibiotics without prescription due to thinking that it can help their sore throats, minor fever, or flu. It is dangerous to do this, as it will definitely have consequences.

Why Improper Use Is Risky

Overuse or taking antibiotics without a prescription poses many problems in a person’s health and research aspects. With the growing state of antibiotic resistance, many pharmaceuticals find it harder to create safe to use the medicine. Higher dosages or concentration may pose health problems for patients even further. On the other hand, many countries are suffering from improper health education in taking these medicines. A number of people take antibiotics thinking that it will combat their flu, fever, or even allergies. World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that any country, whether developed or not, continues to do this malpractice. They urge that any health department, medical facilities, organizations, and schools must continue monitoring the right policies for prescribing medicines and drugs.

Specific Health Complications of Self-Medication

Avoid Using Antibiotics Without Prescription

The resistance of certain germs and bacteria to antibiotics happen when people are not able to drink their medicine at the proper time or take more than they should. In fact, resistance is not just the only problem that people need to worry about. Infection and mutating of diseases are possible as well. You may also wonder why antibiotics aren’t curing your health issues such as those by viruses. Virus-induced ailments aren’t curable by antibiotics because these aren’t living organisms. It attacks the cells not in the way bacteria do and has specific antiviral medications. By taking antibiotics without prescription against these health complications you are in danger of spreading your bacterial disease and making it even more supercharged.  Common side-effects and complications may include severe allergies, diarrhea, yeast infection, or immune system disorders. It is important to stop taking the antibiotics without prescription and contact a physician as soon as possible.

Prevention and Control

There are lots of ways that a patient need to control themselves in self-medication of antibiotics. The best way to stop this problem is to really listen to a doctor’s advice regarding one’s health situation. Parents need to know how to give the best medicine for their children. Abusing the doctor’s prescription or recycling old prescriptions will not treat their health issues. It may even complicate their health or allow it to occur again. The right attitude in taking prescribed antibiotics will help your body to grow stronger and avoid even further health concerns.