twilight anesthesia

What is twilight anesthesia? What are the advantages to using this sedation technique? This article will talk about twilight anesthesia, conscious sedation and what these terms mean. If you want to read about similar articles about how happy gas is considered safe, click the link for more content. 


What Is Twilight Anesthesia? 

Twilight anesthesia is a form of conscious sedation that is used to help take away the anxiety and stress some people may feel when they visit the dentist. Twilight anesthesia will not render the patient unconscious, but will give them a feeling of calm to prepare them for the dental procedures to be done. Most patients do not need to have twilight anesthesia as they are able to keep calm for the procedure. However, it can prove to be very useful for patients who have dental anxiety and re unable to keep calm during the dental procedure to be done. 

Twilight anesthesia can be administered via laughing gas or nitrous oxide, or through an injection that will send the drugs into the patient’s veins. After the twilight anesthesia is administered, the dentist will now be able to put the topical anesthetic in the area that will be getting treated. 

Keep in mind that although twilight anesthesia is a form of anesthesia in itself, its main purpose is to help people get rid of their dental anxiety and allow them to sit in the dentist’s chair as the needed procedures are performed.  


Who Can Benefit From Conscious Sedation? 

People who suffer from dental anxiety are some of the people who will benefit most from using twilight sedation. These people often avoid going to the dentist altogether because of their fear and anxiety about dental procedures.  

With the innovation of twilight anesthesia, these people can be able to have the needed dental procedures done without them feeling anxious about it. Conscious sedation will make it possible for people to get their dental procedures done without feeling stressed about it.  

Many people who suffer from dental anxiety do not go to their dentist because of their fear. They know that their oral health may suffer if they do not get the dental care they need, but more often than not, their fear and anxiety get the better of them. Being afraid of getting dental procedures is one thing, but on a more serious note, the oral health of people who have dental anxiety may suffer if they put off going to the dentist all the time. 


How Much Does Twilight Anesthesia Conscious Sedation Cost? 

twilight anesthesiaUnfortunately, since twilight anesthesia is considered to be a luxury, it will come at a separate cost from the dental procedure that will be done. It will also not likely to be covered by dental insurance. Even if the procedure itself may be covered by the patient’s dental insurance, the use of twilight anesthesia will not. The cost for twilight anesthesia will set a person back around $100 to 150.  

There is a way for a person to get the procedure they need without feeling stress and anxiety. Depending on the dental insurance a person has, there is a chance that general anesthesia and sedation will be covered. If the person really cannot have the procedures on their teeth and mouth done without the use of a sedation method, they can ask their dentist about general anesthesia.  

However, before anything else, it is a good idea for you to talk to your dental insurance agent. They will be able to tell you if general anesthesia is covered under the insurance plan you have with them. If not, they can discuss other sedation options you may have that your dental insurance may cover. 


Is Twilight Anesthesia Safe? 

Many dental experts say that twilight anesthesia is much safer than general anesthesia. Conscious sedation will allow the person to still be in control of their breathing and other reflexes. As for general anesthesia, the person is put to sleep and will have very limited control over their breathing.  

Twilight anesthesia will also put the person at less risks than general anesthesia because the dosage of the anesthetic drug is lower. Also, it will take a shorter amount of time for the conscious sedation to leave the system of the person. If laughing gas is used, once the dentist stops the flow of nitrous oxide to the patient, they will be able to regain full consciousness in a matter of minutes. However, it is still not a good idea to drive right after having gone through twilight anesthesia. It is still best for the patient to have someone to drive them home after the procedure is performed. 


Do You Have Dental Anxiety? 

twilight anesthesiaIf you have dental anxiety, you may benefit from the use twilight anesthesia. However, it is understandable if you have questions about this form of conscious sedation. It is best that you voice out your concerns to your dentist. They will be able to put your mind at ease about your dental anxiety and the use of twilight anesthesia.  

Dental anxiety stems from not fully understanding the procedures that need to be performed. If there is a certain part of the dental procedure that you do not understand, your dentist will happy to help you better understand the procedure. Also, using twilight anesthesia will be an option for you.


Final Thoughts On Twilight Anesthesia 

Keep in mind that twilight anesthesia, nitrous oxide, conscious sedation techniques and anesthesia are all meant to encourage people with dental anxiety to still seek dental treatment and care. Visiting a dentist periodically will help people avoid having cavities, tooth decay and other oral health issues.  

Conscious sedation will keep you will keep you awake for the entire dental procedure and it will keep you calm as the dentist gets it done. Before having any dental procedure done with the use of conscious sedation techniques like twilight sedation, discuss all options with your dentist to ensure that you will be getting the sedation method that if right for you.