Swelling in Throat and Neck: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Are you experiencing difficulty in swallowing? Do you feel swelling in throat and neck? If yes, there’s a likely possibility that there are fluid or solid-filled lumps in your thyroid gland. While these thyroid lumps or nodules are usually harmless, they might be an indication of diseases like autoimmune dysfunction or cancer. It’s advised to … Read the rest

over the counter asthma medicine

What to expect for over the counter asthma medicine

Asthma is seen as one of the worst attacks that affect the breathing system. The impact of asthma in the body can be severe, hence the need to have the right treatment. There are different symptoms that are related to asthma and they must be monitored for the right control. While preparing to see your … Read the rest

breast augmentation pain

Breast Augmentation Pain

Pain is the most common fear among patients planning breast enlargement surgery. A few days of hospitalization, pain, swelling, bad mood are still factors that cause many women are not ready for such a sudden change in their lives. Why is the fear of postoperative pain so paralyzing? Is there really anything to be … Read the rest