lipodissolve injections

There are so many ways on how to look slimmer and eliminate unwanted body fat. Some even turn to extreme measures and undergo cosmetic surgery like liposuction and abdominoplasty. However, there are some who are afraid of the risks and complications that these major procedures would entail, so they would want to have a simpler solution for their stubborn fats. This is where injection lipolysis, like Lipodissolve treatment, enters the picture. Let us find out some basic information about Lipodissolve Injections how it works, and their efficiency in eliminating unwanted body fats without surgery.


Lipodissolve injections

Mesotherapy has been very popular as a nonsurgical way to remove fats. Unlike liposuction, the patients would only need strategically placed injections of fat-dissolving chemicals to remove the cellulites, fats, and bulges. However, despite the noise that this treatment option created in the early 2000s, the fame and use of the first Lipodissolve injections came to an end because it was found out that the treatment solutions they used were not approved by the FDA. They are now in the process of getting FDA’s approval and some spas and cosmetic clinics are recommending other nonsurgical fat elimination procedures like Body by Thermage®, VelaShape™, and Zerona®.


Lipodissolve injections: Their benefits

lipodissolve injections for fatsLipodissolve can actually offer many potential benefits. For a person to be confident about how they look, they have to maintain their body’s physical appearance. This may be easy for other people who are following an active lifestyle, but for some who struggle in maintaining their ideal weight and body statistics, getting help from a cosmetic treatment like this can be beneficial.

It is nonsurgical. Lipodissolve injections do not need surgery to take effect; it can enhance your physical appearance where your previous efforts have failed. Moreover, no scars will ever be complained after the procedure.

The treatment is gentle. Using mesotherapy would entail the fats to be dissolved using injected chemicals, but the elimination and excretion of these unwanted fats are gentler than doing it with surgery.

It can have additional benefits. Patients who underwent Lipodissolve injections reported that their skin felt tightened after the procedure. These injections were also reported to be safe for use in correcting double chin, puffy eyes, bulging belly, cottage-cheese thighs, thick waist, and many other areas of the body where fat deposits tend to accumulate.


Lipodissolve injections: Their risks and complications

When Lipodissolve is still being widely used, there are no reported serious complications that were associated with it. There are some side effects that were mentioned after the procedure but none of them were severely debilitating that would need medical confinement. Some patients experience dizziness, fever, sweating, or fainting, and some would complain that they have mild swelling, bruising, itching, and general discomfort in the area that was treated. What doctors would advise you is that you may experience diarrhea for a few days following the treatment because this is how the dissolved fats are to be eliminated by the body. Other than that, there are no other moderate nor severe complications that were documented for this treatment option.


If you think you are a good candidate for this nonsurgical treatment procedure, discuss your considerations with your doctor so that he can approve of the procedure or he can recommend a better option for you.