How Much Has Laser Teeth Cleaning Improved Over The Years

Stains and yellow teeth aren’t much of a pleasing look for teeth, isn’t it? With the concerns of whiter teeth, there are many techniques developed for dental care. One of the most significant innovations for humankind is the laser. Laser technology is not only useful for industries like computers, space exploration, and even your local grocery store. Through the years, there are improvements in the medical and dental field, mainly for using lasers. One of which is laser teeth cleaning that reduces the time to wait for whiter teeth. You can visit to know more about laser teeth cleaning before you schedule an appointment with your local dentist.



From Traditional To Technology: Cosmetic Dentistry At A Glance

How did tooth extraction start? Where did dentistry come from? We can thank the pioneers of dental procedures for their initiative in oral health care. Since this part talks about the cosmetic aspects of dentistry, you may not see any information regarding tooth extraction or necessary surgical procedures. Yet, there are many aspects of dental care that involves the desire of humans for better teeth appearance. To better understand the benefits of laser teeth cleaning, discover the timeline of cosmetic dentistry. 


Metal Fillings

Dated way back 659 AD: The Chinese were first recorded to have metal fillings like tin, copper, or silver. These fillings, despite no knowledge of sealants and amalgams, worked as a regular process for preventing bacterial infection. Some metal fillings are only applicable for crown sealing as metals are discovered even to increase the risk of cavities or periodontal disease. Today, root canal therapy that removes infections and seals cracks are light and noninvasive for the gum and tooth.


Orthodontic Dentistry

Restoring missing teeth is one of the first problems that people complain about even during earlier times. Ranging from dentures, braces, or dental implants, people can choose which procedure can benefit their soft tissues in the gums.  


The Rise Of Teeth Whitening

More than the basic procedures of scaling and deep cleaning, teeth whitening involves using bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide. The procedure involves the removal of yellow stains from plaque, tartar, and build-up of calculus.  


Laser Teeth Cleaning And Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth Cleaning

After the rise of cosmetic dentistry, many experts are now looking forward to the innovation that goes beyond traditional equipment and tools. Laser technology opened the opportunities for laser teeth cleaning and teeth whitening in many ways. As of modern dentistry practices, Er: YAG laser, the first of its kind for dentin care, is used to treat tooth decay. With the many benefits of changing digital technology for teeth care, patients can expect better quality and faster recovery for their yellow tooth. 


DIY Kits, Aesthetics Than Health, Complications Of Cosmetic Dentistry

At the year 1989, the first use of home tooth bleaching became popular to reduce the cost of professional dental work. Along with the rise of doing it yourself minimal oral healthcare, dangers of at-home accidents also increased. Many people also believe in the marketing strategies of clean and whiter smile without knowing the symptoms of periodontal or gum disease. Without the correct treatment of gum disease or periodontal illnesses, the beautiful smile may soon be replaced by an incomplete gum smile.


Why Is Teeth Cleaning Essential?

Treatment is only efficient if the results lessen gum bleeding or tooth decay. A person without gum treatment may suffer from the side effects of periodontal disease. It is still recommended to get your treatment from an office rather than relying on your hygiene routine. It is possible for patients to have hidden stains, dirt, and cavity behind what the pearly set can show. Why should people clean their teeth? Bacteria and germs in the gum line can lead to several health complications like heart attack, stroke, or even diabetes. Lasers may be fast and effective for a professional to treat their patients, especially with the ever-changing perspective in dentistry. 


How Did Laser Teeth Cleaning Revolutionize Dental Care?

Are you tired of hearing the noise that dental handpiece does when drilling? Several patients are prone to have dental anxiety due to the instruments that dentists use while cleaning teeth. Say goodbye to pain during deep cleaning thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of laser teeth cleaning. Children may have fewer fears of visiting a dentist for a gum check or regular cleaning. Laser cleaning treatment is also safe as it has a specific radio wave that removes plaque and tartar specifically. Moreover, the procedure is more accurate than using picks or scrapers. A dental clinic also provides protective equipment for the eyes of the patient. 


The Future Of Lasers In Dentistry

Laser Teeth Cleaning In Office

Apart from how humans are benefiting from laser teeth cleaning, pets like dogs and cats may also get laser teeth cleaning treatment. Yet, with the advantage of lasers in cleaning and treatment, individuals may feel discouraged with paying for its cost. So, it would be best for the patient to ask his or her health insurance company covers this modern cleaning treatment. Be careful; not every dentist is certified for training and education in the use of lasers for treatment. Only get an appointment with a clinic that has official accreditation from your local health organizations.


What Are The Ways To Improve Teeth Cleaning At Home?

The first step to healthier and more vibrant mouth care starts at home. In many ways, you can do these tips without needing treatment. To prevent severe gum disease or decay, you may have to improve the ways you take care of your oral health. A person that follows these simple reminders can ensure their overall wellbeing. 

  • Brush in between gums and teeth
  • Floss after every meal
  • Visit a dentist when dental disease symptoms become recurring
  • Limit your sugar intake and prevent chewing hard food
  • Alcohol and smoking may increase calculus, tartar, or plaque
  • Use the right product for your condition: toothpaste, toothbrush
  • Don’t rely on cosmetic dentistry only