applying silicone scar gel

Silicone is well known to improve the look of scars. Actually, scars seem to indicate the disruption of the balance of collagen in the skin. If you’ve recently had a surgical intervention, then you may be looking for a cream or gel that helps with the healing of the scars like the Strataderm silicone gel. Silicone gel will help relieve recent scars but may also help with old scar that you would want to see fading away.

Let’s see how silicone-based gels work and how they can help with hiding surgery scars.

The silicone gel helps restore balance in the skin and therefore, a normal collagen production, forming a transparent layer that moisturizes and protects the skin.

Types of scars:

  1. The hypertrophic scar: The hypertrophic scar is linked to an excess of collagen. The collagen accumulates and the scar thickens and gets bigger. After a certain point the scar retains its size and can be linear or extended.
  2. The keloid scar: This type of scar is also caused by overproduction of collagen. However, unlike the hypertrophic scar, the keloid scar extends beyond the initial scar, which then becomes larger and larger. It is usually red or pink and is often seen around a piercing.
  3. The atrophic scar: The atrophic scar is due to a lack of collagen. It appears as small craters in the skin, usually as a result of an acne pimple, chickenpox or stretch marks.

As we have seen, the scar is linked to a defect of collagen production, and this often happens after a surgery. Or, this production is disrupted because of a water disbalance of the skin. The regular silicone gel that you can find on the market contains a unique blend of 5 types of silicone, with vitamin E. The balance is thus regained and a normal collagen production is taking place. An extra benefit is the transparent layer created by the gel that moisturizes and protects the skin. The gel makes the scars softer, flatter, smoother and clearer.

The effect of silicone gel on the scarIs silicone scar gel effective on surgery scars?

  • It makes scars smoother and clearer;
  • It reduces itching and discomfort;
  • It makes scars less painful;
  • It prevents the formation of abnormal scars.

The benefits of silicone gel

  • It allows the application of makeup or sun protection;
  • It is suitable for all skin types, even for children;
  • It does not contain preservatives or mineral oils;
  • It is soft, colorless, odorless and does not stain.
  • It is easier to apply, especially on large areas, in folds, at the level of the joint, and on the face.
  • It does not cause irritation (semi-occlusive, it lets the skin breathe).

Precautions and instructions for use of silicone scar gel

  • The silicone gel can be kept for 3 years unopened and 1 at a temperature below 25 C;
  • It must be applied on clean, dry skin, twice a day;
  • Apply in small quantity: massage well until complete penetration;
  • It should not be applied to healthy skin nor after stitches removal;
  • It should not come in contact with eyes or mucous membranes.

Opt for a quality silicone gel and say goodbye to your unsightly scars! Also, don’t forget to protect your scars from the sun!