teeth whitening at home in an instant

There are remedies for instant teeth whitening at home. These are simple tips that you can do to whiten your teeth. However, you must remember that these tips do not offer results as quickly as you expect them to be. But then again, cases differ in every individual. On the other hand, you can view here the options you have if you want to do it with your dentist.


Teeth stains

Surface stains cause discoloration on your teeth. It makes your teeth lose their natural white color appearance. Aside from that, discoloration may also occur because of the tooth material’s actual changes. Several factors can cause stains in your teeth. We have mentioned a few of them below.

  • usage of tobacco products or smoking;
  • beverages, such as coffee, tea, wine, or cola drinks;
  • poor oral hygiene; and
  • medications

teeth stains from drinking coffeeTeeth stains can even come out into various types. The first one is an intrinsic stain which you can usually find within your tooth’s structure. On the other hand, the other type is an extrinsic stain that builds up on your teeth’ external surfaces.

However, whichever type occurs on your teeth, the effect will be the same. In the end, it still affects the appearance of your teeth, which can be bothersome. Nobody would want to have teeth full of stains.

For these reasons, several people kept looking for instant remedies to whiten teeth. Others can have professional teeth whitening with their dentist, while others choose to do natural whitening at home.


Instant teeth whitening at home

Are instant teeth whitening at home for real? Well, case to case basis, it can be. You can whiten your teeth at home using some simple remedies. However, the effects will take time depending on the level of your tooth’s surface stains.

Some remedies can show immediate effects, while others may take a longer time before whitening takes effect completely. Relative to that, here are a few home options that can help you.

  • Baking soda: It contains natural whitening properties. For this reason, some manufacturers of toothpaste use this as one of the active ingredients. Additionally, baking soda is abrasive, making it easy to remove stains from the surface of your teeth. Aside from that, you can even mix this with lemon juice or strawberry juice for more exciting results.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: It is a natural bleaching agent that most in-house whitening procedure uses in higher concentration. Aside from whitening, it can also kill the bacteria inside your mouth.home remedies to whiten your teeth
  • Oil pulling: This remedy involves washing your teeth using oil to remove dirt, bacteria, and food particles. However, you cannot consider this as a substitute for regular brushing and flossing. Coconut oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil are the most suitable oils that you can use for oil pulling.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables rub in your teeth, which removes plaque buildup.

These are easier than we thought. The materials in the whitening options above are not difficult to obtain.


Keeping your teeth white

The color of our teeth can change if we don’t take care of them properly. Although we have options that we can apply at home, it would be best to do preventive dental care. In actuality, it is not only the color of our teeth that matters. Our overall dental health is essential, so we have to do more than whitening.

Please try to put more importance on the following:

  • Regularly brushing your teeth is significant. It prevents plaque buildup by removing the tiny food particles on the teeth’ surface. You have to do this at least twice a day to be effective. Keeping your teeth clean will help you maintain their natural white appearance as well.
  • Aside from that, flossing can also help you prevent plaque buildup because it can eliminate the food particles in between your teeth.
  • Furthermore, it also essential to make adjustments to your diet. It would be best to eliminate or reduce food intake that can cause stains.

Generally speaking, we can prevent teeth discoloration in the first place. We only have to take preventive actions to achieve that. Moreover, we have to put them into regular practice. It is essential to be consistent about these to maintain the teeth’ color.

On the other hand, you may also want to consider watching this video. It shows other whitening options you can try to have whiter teeth. Afterward, you can try it, to believe it.



Teeth whitening is one of the options to achieve anyone’s dream of pearl white teeth. Any remedy can be effective in whitening your teeth in minutes or overnight. You only have to be consistent in doing them.

However, dentists still consider professional teeth whitening to be more effective than home remedies. Aside from that, dentists will not focus on whitening only. Dentists can also do an overall check of your oral condition. This way, you can get appropriate treatment if you have oral issues. Aside from that, they can also recommend broad options to choose from in whitening teeth.

Always remember that your oral health is not only about your teeth being white. So, you have to care for it as much as you can. Overall, we can still say that whitening your teeth is still achievable. We have options, either at home or inside your trusted dental clinic.

Make sure to choose the best and safest way to whiten your teeth in an instant. Ya-ha! You can also consult the dentists from MLD Burwood if you want sparkly white teeth at an affordable price.